This is probably the first time to write about our personal life here… Here is the picture of our kids, Ocho and Peanut. Check out Ocho playing a piano on Youtube.
Peanut is not quite ready to play his part, but he will soon…

5 comments on “APAK kids
  1. Melissa & Emmitt says:

    Ocho and Peanut are adorable!
    I love your art!
    Uncommon Pug and Dog Art

  2. Bentley & Niko says:

    Oh my goodness they are adorable. We saw your YouTube and love the art! Maybe Ocho could teach piano lessons through YouTube, our Niko needs to learn!

  3. janetesm says:

    We just saw the Giant Robot show at the JANM and loved your work. I want to buy my husband one of your prints with a panda… will they be available after the show closes? Love love love Ocho and Peanut!

  4. leni-design says:

    i want to have the baby dog :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    i want to have the baby dog! :-)

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