I made 20 new paintings for my own solo show!
Opens August 3rd 2007, 6-9pm (runs all month)

Grass Hut Gallery
811 e. Burnside
Portland, Oregon
(503) 445-9924

Statement: The one thing I try not to forget before doing the laundry is checking my husband Aaron’s pockets. All his pockets are always filled with many little things… all types of twigs, rocks, plants, old screws, nuts, balls of fuzz, receipts, post-it notes, coins, dirt, broken piece of plastic, small metal parts, candy wrappers, toys, stickers, business cards, flyers…etc. In contrast, my pockets are usually empty and I feel sort of envious of his collection. But I do have a secret pocket that I keep non-objects, my imagination. I hide the secret pocket around my belly to keep it quite safe. This is where my soul curls up and takes a nap to dream. In this show you get a chance to peak at the world of my secret pocket. I hope you enjoy it!

One comment on “Ayumi’s Show @ Grasshut! Opens Aug. 3rd 2007
  1. Peggy says:

    Hello! Your blog and your art are delightful! I adore the description of emptying your husband’s pockets. I seem to always have junk in my pockets too. Maybe artists are pack rats by nature.

    I am in awe of the skilled imagery here. Not only with pictures, but with words.

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