We illustrated a dream by Brenda, a girl from Mexico for a book of kids dreams collected by Roger Omar. What a sweet dream it is!

A witch put a spell on me saying “You will turn into a miniature for a year, but you will get back to normal if someone falls in love with you. If during that year nobody loves you, you will stay as a miniature forever”. The next days I was a tiny miniature. I lived hard experiences: I almost got crushed or caught. I didn´t know where to sleep and a very nice ant invited me to sleep at the anthill, fed me and said to me “You are very pretty”. The ant confessed to be in love with me. I said “I am a human being that a witch turned into a miniature, and I will get back to normal when someone falls in love with me. That is the reason that I am tiny and pretty”. Then I got back to normal. When I woke up I said “I will take care of the ants”.

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  1. Brenda McGowan says:

    That is so sweet, and I love the illustration! I wish my dreams were like that… except for the part about almost being crushed :-).

  2. Brigitte says:

    That’s one of the sweetest dreams ever! :3

  3. alissa says:


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