We just finished a new series of paintings in honor of the changing seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…. If your in LA November 3 – January 13 stop by the Japanese-American National Museum to see them in person. Enjoy!

10 comments on “The Seasons!
  1. Rich says:

    OMG!! I want them all! :) Keep up the great work APAK!

  2. Right Out Loud says:

    So sweet!

  3. Brigitte says:

    These are so charming, I love them all!

  4. chie-ppa says:

    They are adorable!!! Soooo cuuutteee!!!

  5. Katrine K says:

    These are so beautiful!

  6. ai says:

    Iwent to the show and I am really interested in purchasing some of the original works I saw in the show!!
    Please contact me at suaitw@hotmail.com

    great work

  7. imwithsully says:

    Your style is so awesome! Glad I found your blog!

  8. Celena says:

    Seriously fantastic series you two! Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I live in Los Angeles and last night attended the Giant Robot Exhibition.
    Discovering your work is the highlight for 2008.
    I love your style and talent so much.

    I am also interested in buying some of your original pieces. Will you have a gallery show in L.A. sometime?

  10. Schmancy says:

    your work gives me a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside. i love it.

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