We did a little piece for our friend Martin Ontiveros! This is his awesome character, Ojo Rojo. His show “Rock and Roll Fantasy“opens on Feb 1st @ Grasshut here in Portland. Martin is a god.

4 comments on “Worshipping the Gods!
  1. design for mankind. says:

    Hi Apak! Thought you’d love to see your work in the press!:


    Thanks for being so fabuluos! :)

  2. imwithsully says:

    This creature is so intriguing!

  3. Apak says:

    Thank you so much, design for mankind! We love your blog!

  4. Apak says:

    Thanks, imwithsully! That’s a Martin’s chracter called, Ojo Rojo. He’s just released Ojo Rojo’s vinyl figures, too.

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