Bwana Spoons, Scrappers, Martin Ontiveros, Cupco, Le Merde, and APAK are all showing at DVA Gallery in Chicago. The opening party starts at 7-11pm on Dec. 1st. If you’re in Chicago, please stop by and cheer Bwana and Le Merde who are representing All Stars! If you can’t make it, here is the link to a virtual gallery… We did 3 pieces of gouache paintings on paper wrapped around a chunk of wood. They are done in a new style and we really enjoyed working on them. We’d love to hear what everyone thinks. Also some of Ayumi’s paintings are shown, too. Thanks for your support as always!

3 comments on “GrassHut All Stars group show in Chicago
  1. Celena says:

    The new style of painting mixed with your signature style is fantastic! I like it a lot and look forward to seeing more of it in the future! Perhaps on wood?

  2. cana says:

    this is incredible!

  3. evriel says:

    I really love your works, the scenes are cute and colours are a delight for my eyes… You are my inspiration for this month. : )

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