Aaron Piland is a Portland based artist and illustrator who blurs the line between mind and matter. Art is his native language which he uses to translate thoughts and feelings into color and form. Like an astronaut exploring the cosmos, he rides in a ship of the imagination exploring the mysterious inner dimensions of emptiness and form, visiting abstract landscapes that melt into the vastness of space on an epic search to bring back hidden treasures and ancient memories lost in the cosmic debris of time and space.

For the past 12 years he has been one half of a small art studio called APAK STUDIO a collaborative art project with Ayumi Kajikawa. Their paintings have been shown in galleries and museums in Hawaii, New York, LA, Seattle, Portland, Europe, Australia, Japan, San Francisco, and Portland.

He has worked as an illustrator for the past 17 years for clients such as Wong Doody, AT&T, Mindful Magazine, Nickelodeon, Wired, Fast Company, Maxim, Business Week, Fortune, PC Magazine, Ready Made, SF Weekly, Portland Monthly, Entertainment Weekly, Business 2.0, and Popular Science.

Email: hi@aaronpiland.com

Instagram: @AaronPiland

Phone: 503-916-9708